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The Council for Ethnic Accord was organized by PER to advise it on policies and programs. The Council's members are statesmen and experts who share the conviction that there are peaceful alternatives to ethnic conflict; they serve in their individual capacities and do not represent their countries or institutions. The inaugural meeting of the council was held in Budapest in December 1992. A committee of the council met at Kona, Hawaii, in November 1993 to deliberate on means of preventing and resolving ethnic conflict. The discussion resulted in the formulation of a set of general principles by which governments may deal with ethnic conflict. A summary of this discussion has been published by PER as The Kona Statement: Managing Ethnic Conflict. In September 1997, members of the council, together with PER's Princeton and overseas staff, met at Antalya, Turkey, to evaluate PER's first seven years and to plan its future work. The Council and PER staff held their most recent meeting in Adelboden, Switzerland in June 1999, where the major topics of discussion and analysis were the Yugoslav crisis and its long-term effects on interethnic relations throughout the region.

The members of the council are:

Harry G. Barnes, Jr., Former U.S. Ambassador to Romania

Steven L. Burg, Brandeis University

Martin Butora, Institute for Public Affairs, Slovakia

Donald L. Horowitz, Duke University School of Law

Dusan Janjic, Forum for Ethnic Relations, Serbia

Allen H. Kassof, Project on Ethnic Relations

Richard Miles, Former U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, and Georgia

William W. Pfaff, III, Author and journalist, Paris

Livia B. Plaks, Project on Ethnic Relations

Attila Pok, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Europa Institute

John J. Roberts, American International Group

Alexander G. Rondos, Former Greek Ambassador-at-large

Adrian Severin, Parliament of Romania

Vojislav D. Stanovcic, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Valery A. Tishkov, Russian Academy of Sciences

Elie Wiesel, Boston University