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International Roundtable on Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptians of Kosovo: Challenges and Prospects of Sustainable Integration (2009)

Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptians of Kosovo: Challenges and Prospects of Integration (2008)

Policies Toward Sustainable Integration Discussed by Roma, Ashali and Egyptians of Kosovo with the Kosovo Government and the International Community (2008)

Institutional Arrangements for Implementation and Monitoring of the Montenegrin Roma Governmental Strategy: Fourth Roundtable (2007)

Romani Politics Present and Future (2006)

Making the EU's anti-discrimination policy instruments work for Romani communities in the enlarged European Union (2005)

Roma and EU Accession: Elected and Appointed Romani Representatives in an Enlarged Europe (2004)

The Romani "Mahalas" (Neighborhoods) of Southeastern Europe: Politics, Poverty, and Ethnic Unrest (2003)

Roma in Multiethnic Communities in Serbia (2003)

Roma and the Question of Self-Determination: Fiction and Reality (2003)

PER Field Trip for Journalists and the Seminar "Roma In Romanian Media" (2002)

Addressing the Challenges of Romani Children's Education in Poland - Past and Current Trends and Possible Solutions (2002)

Leadership, Representation, and the Status of the Roma (2002)

Romani Representation and Leadership at National and International Levels (2001)

Yugoslav Roma Face the Future (2001)

State Policies Toward the Roma in Macedonia (2001)

Roma and Statistics (2001)

Roma and Elections in Romania (2000)

Roma and the Government in Slovakia: The Debate Over Migration (2000)

Roma and the Law: Demythologizing the Gypsy Criminality Stereotype

State Policies Toward the Romani Communities in the Candidate Countries to the EU: Government and Romani Participation in Policy-Making (1999)

Roundtable Discussion of Government Policies on the Roma in Romania 

Political Participation and the Roma in Hungary and Slovakia

The Roma in Bulgaria: Collaborative Efforts Between Local Authorities and Nongovernmental Organizations 

OSCE Roundtable on Roma and Sinti National Policies 

Images and Issues: Coverage of the Roma in the Mass Media in Romania (1997)

Prevention of Violence and Discrimination Against the Roma in Central and Eastern Europe 

Self-Government in Hungary: The Gypsy/Romani Experience and Prospects for the Future 

The Roma in the Twenty-First Century: A Policy Paper (1997)

The Media and the Roma in Contemporary Europe: Facts and Fictions 

Countering Anti-Roma Violence in Eastern Europe: The Snagov Conference and Related Efforts 

The Romanies in Central and Eastern Europe: Illusions and Reality (1992)