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Interethnic Dialogue and Reconciliation in Kosovo - Year two (2010)

The Future of Multiethnicity in Kosovo (2008)

The Balkans in Europe: Challenges in Integrating Multiethnic States (2008)

Developing a Comprehensive Minority Policy in Montenegro (2008)

Strengthening Albanian-Serb Dialogue in Kosovo (2008)

Reviving Interethnic Political Dialogue in South Serbia (2008)

Strengthening Interethnic Dialogue in Kosovo (2007)

Confidence Building Measures in Kosovo (2007)

The Balkans as a Source of Security and Stability in Europe (2007)

Developing a Minority Policy for Montenegro: Effective Media Relations (2007)

Institutional Arrangements for Implementation and Monitoring of the Montenegrin Roma Governmental Strategy: Fourth Roundtable (2007)

Developing a Minority Policy in Montenegro: The Becici Roundtable

New Majorities and Minorities in the Changing Balkans (2006)

Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic Integration: Advancing Common Interests (2006)

Kosovo Roundtables (2006)

Reviving Interethnic Political Dialogue in South Serbia: First Roundtable (2006)

Serbs in the Twenty-First Century (2006)

Developing a Minority Policy in Montenegro: The Kolasin Roundtable (2006)

Macedonia: Agenda 2006 (2006)

The Balkans and the EU: Challenges on the Road to Accession (2006)

Debalkanizing the Balkans (2006) (Wall Street Journal Europe opinion piece by PER's Alex Grigor'ev)

Developing a Minority Policy in Montenegro: The Przno Roundtable (2005)

Kosovo and the Region Prepare for Change: Relations, Responsible Governance, and Regional Security (2005)

Macedonia: On the Road to Brussels (2005)

Interethnic Relations in Kosovo: Toward Implementation of Standards (2005)

Macedonia: The Next Stage (2005)

Kosovo 2005: Assuring Security For The Neighborhood (2005)

Macedonia's Interethnic Coalition: Solidifying Gains (2004)

Women in Governance and Interethnic Relations (2004)

Albanians and Their Neighbors: Moving Toward Real Communication (2004)

Macedoniaç—´ Interethnic Coalition: The First Year (2004)

Macedoniaç—´ Interethnic Coalition: The First Six Months (2003)

Albanians and Their Neighbors: Is the Status Quo Acceptable? (2003)

The Romani "Mahalas" (Neighborhoods) of Southeastern Europe: Politics, Poverty, and Ethnic Unrest (2003)

Roma in Multiethnic Communities in Serbia (2003)

The Bulgarian Ethnic Experience (2002)

Interethnic Relations in Montenegro: Albanians in Montenegro, Third PER Roundtable (2002)

Yugoslavia at the Crossroads (2002)

Interethnic Relations in Montenegro: Albanians in Montenegro, Second PER Roundtable (2001)

Yugoslav Roma Face the Future (2001)

State Policies Toward the Roma in Macedonia (2001)

Albanians as Majorities and Minorities: A Regional Dialogue (2001)

Interethnic Relations in Vojvodina: The Subotica Roundtable  (2001)

Albanians and Their Neighbors: Unfinished Business (2000)

Vojvodina: The Politics of Interethnic Accommodation (2000)

Montenegro on the Brink: Avoiding Another Yugoslav War (2000)

Catastrophe In The Balkans: Serbia's Neighbors and the Conflict in Kosovo (1999)

Interethnic Relations in the Balkans: New Generation, New Politics

The New York Roundtable: The Serb-Albanian Joint Agreement (1997)

The New York Roundtable: Towards a Peaceful Accommodation in Kosovo (1997)

Reporting in a Post-Conflict Environment: Bosnia and Croat Journalists Meet (1996)

Democratic Processes and Ethnic Relations in Yugoslavia (1995)

Interethnic Relations in Serbia/Yugoslavia Alternatives for the Future (1993)